Drop your message directly into your target audiences' voicemail without their cell phone actually ringing.


Voicemail marketing is an untapped resource. Communicate with your past, current and future audiences like never before!  Listen rates exceed 95% so you will never miss!

Deliver Marketing Calls, Notifications, Friendly Reminders, Sale Announcements, Invitations, and more!

Communicate like a real person instead of email and SMS.

Leaving a voice message is easy!

1 - Add Your Contact List

Your list of subscribers, new prospects, in-process clients will all appreciate the human touch of a personal call.

2 - Schedule Your Campaign

Schedule your calls for the most effective delivery time of day for each segment of your contact list. Schedule hours, days or weeks in advance!

3 - Deliver Your Voice Message

Your recorded message is delivered to every mobile phone on your list! Simple, smart and effective personal communication.

Powered by twilio

Twilio is the most reliable sending option and charges just $1 per phone number (you need only one!) and $0.0085 per minute for Voice Call Msgs. Example: cost to send 500 voice call messages is $4.25.

Our video training will show you how to setup Twilio in under 5 minutes. Easy!

Voicemail marketing saves valuable time, reduces outreach costs, maintains relationships and starts new ones!

High Delivery Rate

People listen to their voicemail making Leave-A-Message the most effective means of delivering an announcement or marketing message.

Personal Voice Recording

We recommend you create the voicemail message so it is personal and carries more value than email or direct mail campaigns.

Cost Effective

At less than $1 per 100 outgoing calls there is nothing that compares. Deliver hundreds of voicemails in minutes. Imagine the potential!


Compared to email, telephone numbers are more reliable and don’t change as often, therefore your campaigns will be more predictable and successful.

Non Intrusive

Leave-A-Message Voicemail delivery simply chirps that a new voice message has arrived allowing the recipient to listen when convenient.

Innovative Technology

Automation with a personal touch. Your clients will never know you used Leave-A-Message to place the voicemail on their phone.


You can schedule one or thousands of voicemails sent automatically. Plan delivery that suits your work routine.

The Advantage

While your competition struggles with email marketing and expensive advertising Leave-A-Message allows you to get the upper hand in a personal and cost effective way!

pro feature!

Use a local Twilio number to send your voice messages then arrange to have all return calls forwarded to one of several options.

That's right! With little more than a mouse click you can have return calls sent to your office phone, cell phone, or even play a recording of your choice!

And switching options to accommodate office hours, work schedules, special promotions, etc is just as easy.

Get started with Leave-A-Message!

Now you can…

  • Reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • Send non-intrusive messages directly to voicemail
  • Import contacts and schedule unlimited campaigns
  • Schedule immediate or future campaigns
  • Select the best time for campaigns to run
  • Guaranteed delivery across multiple countries
  • Much more cost effective than conventional telemarketing
  • Infinite market applications


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