Setting up Leave-A-Message is simple. Follow the step by step videos and you'll find using the system is very intuitive after the basic steps are completed. Hint: Start with smaller groups and adjust the number as you discover the most productive strategy for your business. 

Leave-A-Message works best with mobile phones as landlines present an array of message systems. Be aware if a message does not go to voicemail on a landline it plays as a simple recorded call.

Check back here as we will be adding additional How-To instructions and example copy for more effective use. Dive in and Leave-A-Message!

We respond to Skype messaging: sullivanprivate

Follow the Basic Account Setup instructions for Leave-A-Message and Twilio.

Click here or on the image to open instruction video in a second tab.

We like to use Twilio numbers by Area Code for a given region, area or state. Don't be shy about adding numbers, they can be added and removed from month to month. Suggestion: Pick your first number as the “keeper” and use it as the primary – adding others as needed.

Widget and Webhook Setup is simple.

Click here or on the image to open instruction video in a second tab.

In our system a Widget signifies a Group or collection of numbers added individually or as an uploaded CSV file. It can be a “group” of prospects in a given state or profession. You can name your Widgets anything that helps with  organization of your data. You can copy contacts from one widget to another. You can even assign a different Twilio number to a widget. Naming examples: HVAC-NY, Paid-Clients, Funnel01, etc

Adding Contacts

The trickiest part of using Leave-A-Message is adding contact lists. We make it simple – check out the video about formatting CVS files for upload.

Miscellaneous Tools

Emphasis on the word miscellaneous! 

In the process of enumerating a few FREE TOOLS to use with Leave-A-Message we figured, what the heck, and linked you to our go to collection. Those free “gems” that come in so handy – here you go:

Watch the video – it serves as an intro to the very eclectic collection.

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